Virtual Tour of Isreal (Day 1 – Day 49)

Day 1:Our Journey Begins

Day 2:The Jesus Trail

Day 3:The Gospel Trail

Day 4:Magdala

Day 5:Digging Ancient Shiloh

Day 6:Visiting the Golan Heights

Day 7:Elisha’s House

Day 8:Qasr al Yahud

Day 9:Dead Sea

Day 10:Dead Sea Boat Ride

Day 11:Isreal – The Land of Milk and Honey

Day 12:City of David

Day 13:Pilgrim’s Path

Day 14:Ark of the Covenant

Day 15:Jerusalem and Archaeology

Day 17: Praying on the Temple Mount

Day 18: Temple Mount Sifting Project

Day 19: Western Wall Prayer Notes

Day 20: Solomon’s Wall

Day 21: Last Supper Upper Room

Day 22: Herod’s Palace Discovered

Day 23: Church of the Holy Sepulchre